The Best Conference Room Microphone

“What is the best type of conference room microphone?” A two-second question, but unfortunately not so easy to answer.

The technical specifications will offer a lot of jargon and details on pick-up patterns, decibels and frequency response. However, these specs will not take into account the environment. If you are not an audio expert they will tell you very little on how you will experience a certain type of conference room microphone in your meeting environment.

Properties of a Conference Room Microphone: an infographic

We’ve produced an interactive infographic that will give you a qualitative score against 6 user experience based properties of the most common type of conference room microphones:
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Before buying a wireless conference system, these are the things to consider

8 things to check before buying a wireless conference system

So you have decided that a conference system is what you need. Because you want to be able to quickly set it up and remove it from the room again, mobility is key. Therefore you’ve decided that a wireless system is the best option.

Before buying a wireless conference system

So far so good, but now comes the difficult part: what system to select out of all systems that are out there? Before buying a wireless conference system, here are a couple of critical elements you should pay attention to:  Read more