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Televic at Majlis - Oman

Majlis, the Parliament of Oman

Majlis Oman (the Parliament of Oman) is one of the largest and most advanced conference projects in the Sultanate of Oman. It has 2 debating chambers and 20 Committee- and conference rooms.

A complex system

The whole system – which is considered to be the most advanced in the Middle-East region – is actually a combination of many complete sub systems. There is: Read more

Confidea Wireless at the Indonesia Stock Exchange

Confidea creates value at the Indonesia Stock exchange

Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) is one of the world’s 10 best performing stock exchanges. To attract investors and listed companies, IDX is committed to create a competitive edge through the empowerment of stock exchange members and participants, the creation of added value, cost efficiency and good governance.

To achieve its mission, regular meetings between the IDX board of directors and the Minister of Finance take place in the Board-of-Directors’ meeting room. Read more

Software as part of the dedicated solution at the Osterakers Kommun

The power of a dedicated solution for Sweden

The combination of Televic’s flexibility in producing bespoke solutions and its systems’ open interfacing architecture opens up unique possibilities for integration partners. It allows them to offer really unique and integrated solutions that meet very specific client requirements. The project at Österåkers Kommun is a perfect example.

Österåker is a municipality located outside of Stockholm, Sweden. The “Österåkers Kommun” city council recently switched to an integrated solution from Televic and Q enter AB. A solution that wouldn’t have been possible without Televic’s flexibility and software API.
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Integration of IT and AV - the view of Sebastien Servais

Integration of IT and AV paves way for paper-free work at the European Court of Justice

A renovation of the entire audiovisual conferencing system at the European Court of Justice has led to a more user-friendly, more productive and more manageable working environment.

Televic finalized a renovation at the European Court of Justice, renewing the entire audiovisual system. The close integration of IT and AV systems has led to an increase in productivity of the Court.

The result of the collaboration with Televic proved to be so satisfying that the Court is now developing plans for a further integration. Read more

Conference systems: Confidea at the town council of Goes

Conference Systems: a changing world

It’s obvious when we talk to customers, integrators, consultants and end-users: conference systems are going through a significant change process.

Boundaries are blurring between audio and IT, between dedicated hardware and the mobile devices that conference system users carry with them.

Conference systems: a bigger ecosystem

The questions we ask ourselves when we are discussing where our product roadmaps should lead to are the same questions we see resounding in the industry. Conference systems are no longer a thing of the audio guy setting up a few microphones … no, they’ve become part of a much bigger ecosystem involving other people, other divisions and other technology.

And along comes the question, should a mission critical tool like a conference system be open for compatibility or closed for security and reliability?
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Before buying a wireless conference system, these are the things to consider

8 things to check before buying a wireless conference system

So you have decided that a conference system is what you need. Because you want to be able to quickly set it up and remove it from the room again, mobility is key. Therefore you’ve decided that a wireless system is the best option.

Before buying a wireless conference system

So far so good, but now comes the difficult part: what system to select out of all systems that are out there? Before buying a wireless conference system, here are a couple of critical elements you should pay attention to:  Read more