Software as part of the dedicated solution at the Osterakers Kommun

The power of a dedicated solution for Sweden

The combination of Televic’s flexibility in producing bespoke solutions and its systems’ open interfacing architecture opens up unique possibilities for integration partners. It allows them to offer really unique and integrated solutions that meet very specific client requirements. The project at Österåkers Kommun is a perfect example.

Österåker is a municipality located outside of Stockholm, Sweden. The “Österåkers Kommun” city council recently switched to an integrated solution from Televic and Q enter AB. A solution that wouldn’t have been possible without Televic’s flexibility and software API.

Special council workflow requires dedicated solution

For this project, the city council of Österåker required a special approach to accommodate their current workflow and to match the existing IT infrastructure. This workflow includes handling the debate, the voting sessions, reporting and delegate management during and after a plenary session.

The Plenum software, developed by ‘Q enter AB’, can handle all process – and workflow requirements of the city council. It needs however to communicate with the Televic hardware so that the client would have an integrated solution.

Using Televic’s API (Application programming Interface), a stable and reliable connection could be established between the Televic conference system and the Plenum software, resulting in the functionality that the City Council needs.

The previous installation regularly had issues and was insufficiently stable to run in such a mission critical environment. The combined solution of Televic hardware and Plenum software however proves to be so reliable that for the City Council any worries about the system’s reliable operation are now a thing of the past.

Bespoke Televic hardware for clear user interaction

“The reliability of the hardware and the integration flexibility has made Televic a natural part of our solutions for Municipal Councils” – Jan Lundqvist, Q enter AB

The specific workflow of the city council also implies that the voting buttons do not have the same order and meaning compared to the standard Televic voting solution.

The traditional 5 button voting options (++, +, 0, -, –) do not fit the way the city council execute their voting sessions. Voting options therefore needed to be changed into (Yes, No, Abstain, Request to speak and Request to reply), a change that is easily handled by the API and the Plenum software.

However, this still would have been confusing for the user as he or she would have to deal with a non-matching button layout.

Bespoke Televic voting panelsTelevic’s flexibility in customizing delegate hardware solved this issue. Specifically for this project, Televic manufactured a bespoke version of the voting panels. The standard colors of the buttons were changed to meet the customer’s requirements. The text printed above the buttons was adapted to match the functionality that the Plenum software would attribute to them.

The city council’s debating room holds 53 delegate stations equipped with microphones and bespoke voting panels. The integration is based on the TCS5500 system that interfaces with the Plenum software through its API.

The Televic conference system is installed by AV Teknik i Västerås AB and the Plenum software integration was realized by Q enter AB.

The workflow of Österåkers Kommun is not an exceptional one, but typical for Sweden. The combined Televic – Plenum dedicated solution is hence ideal for other community- and town councils in the country.

For more pictures, go to the Österåkers Kommun reference on the Televic Conference website

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