Televic at Majlis - Oman

Majlis, the Parliament of Oman

Majlis Oman (the Parliament of Oman) is one of the largest and most advanced conference projects in the Sultanate of Oman. It has 2 debating chambers and 20 Committee- and conference rooms.

A complex system

The whole system – which is considered to be the most advanced in the Middle-East region – is actually a combination of many complete sub systems. There is:

  • The Parliamentary management system
  • Screen control & management system
  • CCTV management system
  • TV Broadcasting system

And these are only a few of the systems that make up the complete and secure design.

Facilitating Parliamentary work

Each conference delegate station is enhanced with a motorised screen.

Majlis A’Dawla
(debating chamber #1)

186 delegates + 10 Interpreter units + 60 Aladdin IR receivers

Majlis A’Shura
(debating chamber #2)

186 delegates + 10 interpreter units + 60 Aladdin IR receivers

12 Committee Rooms
94 delegates and 12 ID5500 interpreter units in total

8 Conference room
142 delegates in total

The delegates interact with the system through the conference panel or through the touch screen. Each delegate screen is connected to an individual computer with full specification that runs Televic iCOS software and allows the delegate to access valuable information, connect to the internet or participate in an electronic vote.

From the central control room the screens can be lifted or hidden into the furniture. When lifted and drawn from their base in the furniture, the iCOS software starts automatically. Through the ID card reader on the conference panel, delegates can identify themselves and log in.

The conference panel and iCOS software act as a single entity: delegates can activate their microphone or issue a request to speak either via the touch screen, or via the microphone button on the conference panel.

The CCTV camera system receives triggers from the conference system so that cameras automatically point to, and focus on speaking delegates. If desired, speaker timers can further support the meeting protocol.

A chat function enables delegates to interact with each other or the chairman without disturbing the meeting or interrupting the speaker.

When a speaker needs to support his speech with pictures or a presentation, that material can be shown on the big screen in the debating chamber, but it can also be shared on each individual delegate screen.

The conference system is based on the Televic TCS5500 system and counts no less than 608 delegate stations. Each station is a combination of an All-in-One panel and an iCOS Multimedia solution. A further 32 ID5500 interpreter desks provide language interpretation facilities for foreign delegations and all language tracks are recorded with T-Rex recording software.

See it

Watch this video for an insider view on the Majlis install

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