Integration of IT and AV - the view of Sebastien Servais

Integration of IT and AV paves way for paper-free work at the European Court of Justice

A renovation of the entire audiovisual conferencing system at the European Court of Justice has led to a more user-friendly, more productive and more manageable working environment.

Televic finalized a renovation at the European Court of Justice, renewing the entire audiovisual system. The close integration of IT and AV systems has led to an increase in productivity of the Court.

The result of the collaboration with Televic proved to be so satisfying that the Court is now developing plans for a further integration.

Infrastructure serves every need

Televic has the ability to go beyond mere product implementation and pay close attention to integrating all aspects of the project: audio-visual components, IT integration and product design – Patrick Hausmann, director at Luxengineering Bevilacqua

The conferencing system has been installed in five hearing rooms and two conference rooms of the Court. All the equipment needed to be top quality: due to the nature of the activities failure is not an option.

The Court is also preparing for paper free work, with the conferences being recorded on IT systems instead of being transcribed.

The entire infrastructure can be set up in advance, enabling the operators to activate all the audio-visual equipment with just a push of a button.

Close integration of IT and AV for increased productivity

The better integration of IT into the audio-visual infrastructure has increased the Court’s interest in even more digital solutions.

The next project that Televic will implement for the European Court will be the recording of all the hearings on audio files, which can then be enriched with tags that indicate, for example, the name of the person speaking.

“This will enable the Court to get rid of paper transcripts altogether,” says Sebastien Servais, head of the multimedia department at the European Court of Justice.


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