Confidea Wireless at the Indonesia Stock Exchange

Confidea creates value at the Indonesia Stock exchange

Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) is one of the world’s 10 best performing stock exchanges. To attract investors and listed companies, IDX is committed to create a competitive edge through the empowerment of stock exchange members and participants, the creation of added value, cost efficiency and good governance.

To achieve its mission, regular meetings between the IDX board of directors and the Minister of Finance take place in the Board-of-Directors’ meeting room.

Mission critical environment

The meetings at the IDX are highly confidential and must not be interrupted by any technical issue. The night before a meeting, the operator prepares the equipment and performs a full check-up to make sure everything is in good working order.

However, this mission critical environment is challenged by the radio signal from the Jakarta Police Headquarter (behind IDX building) and the wireless 2.4GHz wireless LAN that is used by all security brokerage offices in the building.

A particular situation that the existing wireless conference system was unable to cope with.

Bring in the expert

In my 30 years of experience, I never came across a wireless conference system like Televic Confidea: it truly exceeded my expectations – Dennis Santoso

The level of operational reliability of the existing wireless conference system was unacceptable. So IDX decided to bring in a professional sound systems expert who suggested to try Televic’s Confidea Wireless.

After a week of rigorous testing and evaluation of the demo system installed in the meeting room, IDX was extremely satisfied with the result and announced a bid to purchase the system.

PT. Multimedia Servitama – one of the Televic Conference dealers in Indonesia – was awarded the project and appointed to do the install.

Reliable wireless conferencing without concerns

Mr. Dennis Santoso, the Technical Manager from PT. Multimedia Servitama said, “In my 30 years of experience in design & implementation of professional meeting room equipment, I never came across a wireless system like Televic Confidea: it is user friendly and very easy to configure through its webserver. I also had full control over the operating frequency. Confidea Wireless truly exceeded my expectations.

The support from the Televic Distributor in Indonesia, PT. Multi Sistim Komunikasi is also great, they trained us and taught us everything we needed to know to successfully finish this project.


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