Conference systems: Confidea at the town council of Goes

Conference Systems: a changing world

It’s obvious when we talk to customers, integrators, consultants and end-users: conference systems are going through a significant change process.

Boundaries are blurring between audio and IT, between dedicated hardware and the mobile devices that conference system users carry with them.

Conference systems: a bigger ecosystem

The questions we ask ourselves when we are discussing where our product roadmaps should lead to are the same questions we see resounding in the industry. Conference systems are no longer a thing of the audio guy setting up a few microphones … no, they’ve become part of a much bigger ecosystem involving other people, other divisions and other technology.

And along comes the question, should a mission critical tool like a conference system be open for compatibility or closed for security and reliability?

Anna Mitchell from InAVate, a leading trade magazine, had the opportunity to talk to Bart Deschodt, General Manager at Televic Conference about this changing conference landscape. In case you missed the interview, here’s an opportunity to read how Televic deals with the change.

Open Discussion

InAVate, September 2013

The merging of AV and data on multimedia platforms will change conferencing systems,” opens Bart Deschodt, general manager of Televic Conference.

To be successful in the conference space you need focus! – Bart Deschodt

Congress technologies exist firmly in the audio space but, when it comes to installation, conferencing systems have for many years operated almost independently of other installed AV assets and largely removed from IT networks.

Now, according to Deschodt, that’s changing.

“The lines between conferencing systems, collaborative tools, delegate interactivity and document access and distribution as well as video streaming and videoconferencing are blurring,” he argues.

“This will have an impact on both the architecture of the systems and the competencies that integrators need to have to install conference systems in the future,” he predicts. “By default this will also change the way customers use these technologies and other players will get involved in the sector.”

One of the key entrants according to Deschodt will be … click to continue

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